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About Otter BlottersTM:

Otter Blotter diapers are the best we've tried. We've never had a single leak with them, the materials are fabulous, and the design features are genius. No other diaper even comes close. With other diapers I catch myself saying "I wish this diaper did/didn't ____. With the Otter Blotters we simply never have any problems!  We'll definitely be coming back for more. Jenn D.

We absolutely LOVE Otter Blotters in our house! They are the cutest, best made, and a perfect fit for our super chubby thigh 5 month-old DS and super skinny no-butt 3 year-old DD. Otter Blotter AIOs are the ONLY AIOs I like! The fit is awesome, they work great, and they are insanely cute! My kids have the cutest bums in town! Shannon P.

When I received my Otter Blotter in the mail I was astounded at the superb craftsmanship and the high attention to detail. Obviously this was created by a well seasoned cloth diapering mother incorporating all of the elements that make an exceptional AIO with some innovative qualities that I have never seen in other AIOs. I love the pocket over the tabs prohibiting my sons from taking off the diaper, the only problem is that I was sad when winter came and I had to put pants on my son cause it hid that cute little fuzzy bottom! Kara A.

I love Otter Blotter diapers! They fit my daughter great. The diapers never get bunched together in the wash because of the laundry tabs and since the AIO soaker is not attached I never have problems with drying them either. Cassy C.

I recieved my new diaper today and i am totally impressed. Thank you sooo much. The quality and workmanship is amazing. I am a user of cloth diapers and I really like the liner you made and enclosures. It fit perfect and is so nice to hold her in as the Bum Genius leave a bad scratch on my arm when I carry her and these are so soft and cute. I added my review to my blog and will be buying more. Kara P.

Everyone at church loved the diaper and were petting his butt. They were too intimidated by cloth. I'll keep working on them. Someone told me tonight that they liked his shorts. I said well it's actually a diaper. They replied that is the coolest diaper I've ever seen. The doubler is fantastic! What's in it? I slid it under an insert because I couldn't decide over or under and it lenthened wear time by about 90 minutes, which I like. It lasted through 12 oz. of juice. Long story short, you have one happy customer. Ashley P.

About Otter TrottersTM:

They're amazing shoes--there is velcro to adjust the width so they STAY on. Zach is about to grow out of them so the velcro which is hidden by the way is undone. But we've used them forever and those ones are made with wool so they're warm for winter! And they stay dry. I'm not sure they'd be the best choice for snow but they can handle rain for sure. Ashley P.

ErinC Tuesday December 29, 2009
Being a mother that is new to cloth, the choices are overwhelming, I stumbled across Otter Blotters and ordered it along with some other diapers. Everything about this diaper is wonderful. There is a great selection, fast shipping, amazing customer service and a quality product. Debby has cleverly crafted these diapers with the highest quality material that is great for my baby who is sensitive to everythingto absorb the largest of pees and contain breastfeeding blowouts without the bulk that I have experienced with other diapers. The material is silky soft against my baby's skin and keeps him nice and dry even after several night feedings! It the most versatile diaper I have come across too, it is a cover, pocket and has a super absorbent snap in O-Pad. Debby goes above and beyond with her service and care for her customers, she backs her product 100% and rightfully so, I love this diaper!
From: California
D. Fong Tuesday December 8, 2009
I am so glad that I spent some time googling because I found the most special diaper covers for my son! I have tried many leading brands and was never satisfied. Otter Blotters are no ordinary diapers! I fell in love with Debby's thoughtful designs and attention to details. I was even more delighted after receiving the products. They are not only cute but also extremely versatile and functional. Love the adjustable waist straps, the hidden hook and loop, and the snap-in o-pads. The fabrics and craftsmanship are just superb!
From: Oregon

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