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Snap-Off-Pull-On Otter Puddles™

Shop > Snap-Off-Pull-On Otter Puddles™

Snap-Off-Pull-On Otter Puddles™-cloth training pants, training pants, trainers, cloth trainers
Snap-Off-Pull-On Otter Puddles™-cloth training pants, training pants, trainers, cloth trainers
Snap-Off-Pull-On Otter Puddles™-cloth training pants, training pants, trainers, cloth trainers

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Introducing new Otter Puddles™ cloth training pants!

Snap-off-pull-on trainers allow easy removal for messy accidents but can be pulled on like underwear.
  • soft bamboo interlock inner layer
  • bamboo or cotton knit for the outer layer
  • 2 layers hemp fleece and one layer of breathable, trim, water-repellent Malden Mills Power Shield® technical fabric hidden in the wet zone
  • side snapping design for a customized waist and thigh adjustment
  • trim, comfortable fit, like real underwear
  • snap-in bamboo/hemp fleece booster for an extra 3 layers of absorbency during the first stages of training

SOPO trainer with insert-top view

blue-brown-raspberry SOPOS-close

New Colors!!

      Dungarees/Dog Fur & GrapeJuice/Grandma's Carpet

Dungarees-dog fur SOPO

Grapejuice-granda's carpet SOPO trainer


For more information about the learning process, please check out OtterMama's approach to potty training.

Choose solid or print outer fabric and elastic trim. Choose trim color with prints yourself or trim will be chosen for you to best match your print selection.


PLUS NEW PRINTS (not pictured):

dinosaurs (green and gold dinosaurs on brown)

iced giraffes (blue, brown and gold giraffes on white)

tropical flowers (pink, blue, green flowers on white)

tools (blue and green tools on brown)

trainer prints

About sizing: OtterMama's daughter is 3.5 years old, 29 lbs, with a 21 inch waist and 16 inch rise. She wears the size L on the largest snap setting.
XL fits up to a 23 inch waist and 18 inch rise.
M fits up to a 20 inch waist and 14.5 inch rise
S fits up to a 19 inch waist and 13.5 inch rise
Choose size: S (12-18 months), M (18-24 months), L (2-3 yrs), XL (3-4 yrs)
Buy 6 or more and receive a 5% discount
Buy 8 or more and receive a 10% discount
Buy 12 or more and receive a 15% discount
Fabric/ Trim:
Print Trim:

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